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The Advantages of Full Automation

The fixed transfer system and pumping station can be fully automated and controlled by a programmable logic controller for remote operation and monitoring. A magnetic flow meter in conjunction with a nuclear densitometer, interface with the PLC to provide continuous monitoring and recording of transferred sand volumes.

The transfer system operates according to control sequences programmed into the PLC. It is intended the system will only be operated manually when required for equipment testing or maintenance.

All external commands are entered through a keyboard attached to the operator interface computer and all system parameters are displayed on the computer's monitor. System alarms, operatingdata and production reports are printed on the printer attached to the computer.

When all the deposited sand over the Sand Shifter has been recovered, or if the operation reaches a pre-set stop time, the system is flushed and shut down. After each operating period a production report is printed summarising the major parameters of the shift.

The fully automated system utilises electrical power and operating costs are minimised by programming the system to operated using off-peak power. The system does not require a dedicated operator, only a System Supervisor to implement maintenance schedules, input operating start times and file production reports.

Sample Report

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The Environmental Advantages.

The Submarine Sand Shifter method of permanent sands bypassing, offers a number of environmental advantages not available to conventional dredging.

The system does not allow sand to accumulate, the sand is bypassed at a rate equal to the nett longshore drift. Sandplumes are not generated and the regular volumes of sand transferred are not sufficient to inundate marine habitats.

Under Australian legislation the operation of the bypass system would not be considered dredging, hence dredging consents or authorisation to dispose of material at sea may not be required.

Operating on electricity, there are no atmospheric emissions or fuels that could pose a spillage problem. Noise from the electric motors powering the pump is minimal and contained within the pump enclosure.

The Submarine Sand Shifter unit and supporting hoses are buried beneath the sea floor and do not obstruct navigation. The control room and pumping station are the only facilities visible, and are designed to blend in with their surrounds.

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