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High Density Disposal

The technology is still evolving and recent developments include: high density tailings disposal; coarse particle transportation by Special Vehicle Slurry for long distance pipeline transport; and offshore loading of coarse coal by submarine pipeline. SlurrySystems is involved in the continuous development of these and other aspects of slurry technology.

High Density Disposal of Mine and Ash Waste

Improved technology, using high density slurry and slope disposal, offers an attractive alternative to the low density conventional systems for disposal of mine and ash tailings. The high density option offers the following advantages:

* Smaller containment dams resulting in lower civil works costs

* Expended disposal site life

* Solar drying of deposit resulting in lower rehabilitation cost

* Increased water recovery

* Lower tailings volumes resulting in lower capital and energy cost.

High density disposal systems require slurry preparation, pipeline design and distributor design to suit individual coal refuse materials and disposal site topography.

Coal Slurry Systems

Coal slurry systems require slurry preparation and dewatering processes at the pipeline terminals. These processes must reflect a technical and economic balance between the pipeline operating requirements and the terminal costs. SlurrySystems offers extensive experience in the testing and the evaluation necessary for coal slurry pipeline system design. In addition, SlurrySystems has broad experience in alternative methods of utilising pipeline delivered coal in utility boilers.

Coarse Coal Slurry Transport

SlurrySystems Special Vehicle Slurry system is ideally suited to transport up to 50mm topsize product coal over long distances. This unique technology presents an alternative method of transportation to conventional modes at competitive rates.


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