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SlurrySystems is at the forefront of slurry technology, providing expert solutions to the mining industry in the area of long distance slurry pipelines, mine tailings disposal systems and plant for handling a wide range of non-Newtonian fluids.

Attached to the design office is a slurry testing laboratory which has all the facilities necessary to develop data for pipeline design by the use of SlurrySystems proprietary models.

Each project designed  by SlurrySystems is commissioned by our engineering specialists and demonstrated to perform to design specifications.

In addition to slurry project work, SlurrySystems provides expert solutions to the problems of sands bypassing, being the designers of the "World's First" successful sands bypassing project at Nerang on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia in 1985. SlurrySystems has improved on this system and now provides Australia with unique sands bypassing technology, which includes the patented Submarine Sand Shifter.

SlurrySystems are the holders of a number of patents in systems and instrumentation dedicated to improving system performance and minimising plant operation and capital expenditure.

The unique On-Line Viscometer provides control instrumentation for slurry fluid properties to optimise the performance of slurry handling systems.

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