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SlurrySystems specialises in design, commissioning and operation of the whole range of slurry systems.

To provide design information for each project, SlurrySystems’ laboratory facilities include test equipment and procedures for determining rheology, solids SG, particle size, slurry settling behaviour, pipe corrosion rates and pipeline erosive wear and operability. Pilot plant support equipment is also available.

Equipment includes:

bulletContraves Rheomat 115 Rotational Viscometer
bulletContraves RM 15 Rotational Viscometer
bulletBohlin Visco 88 Rotational Viscometer
bulletBeckman Instruments 390 Air Comparison Pycnometer
bulletFull range of sizing screens
bulletpH meters
bulletActivon Model 401 Dissolved Oxygen meter
bulletRhorback Instruments Model 1172 Corrater
bulletRhorback Instruments Model CK3 Corrater

150 Litre capacity Wheelstand Rig for pipe wear and solids attrition measurements and rheology variations with transport difference.

Based on SlurrySystems combined staff experience of over 60 years in slurry pipeline design tests, using this equipment provides all of the information required to design a slurry pipeline. For example, the 156 km Ok Tedi Copper Concentrate Pipeline in Papua New Guinea was designed from tests conducted on a 2 20 litre representative samples in SlurrySystems’ laboratory.

During the past 20 years, over 200 different slurries have been tested in SlurrySystems’ laboratory and the results used either to design new pipeline systems or as an aid in technical evaluation of the performance of existing systems.

SlurrySystems’ existing data bank from testing slurries, together with correlation of data from the operation of systems, provides a unique platform for design and evaluation of slurry pipelines and other plant.

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