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Distance Pipelines
The world’s first slurry pipeline, transporting iron ore, was built in Tasmania in 1967. N.T.Cowper, the principal of SlurrySystems, was superintendent responsible for construction, start-up and operation of Savage River slurry pipeline for the first one and one-half years of operation.

The system was a highly successful operation, which paved to way for worldwide acceptance of transportation of coal and other minerals over long distances by pipeline. Pipeline systems transport coal, iron ore, mineral concentrates, phosphate, limestone and sand.

The world’s first offshore loading of solids via a submarine pipeline and single plant mooring system was completed at Waipipi, New Zealand in 1971. Again, N.T.Cowper played a significant role in its development.

The advantages of pipeline system over other transport options, such as road or rail include:

* Low Transportation Cost

* Inflation Resistance

* Environmentally Attractive (pipe is buried)

* Highly Automated Operation

* Low Operating Labour Requirements

* High Availability

Slurry During Pipelaying
During Pipelaying



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