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Viscometer Details
The Advantages
bulletInstallation is simplified by factory assembly and testing under established quality control measures
bulletField installation is limited to process, air, power and remote wiring connections.
bulletFully automated
bulletSignificant savings in operating costs
bulletCan make significant difference to process plant capital cost
bulletCan be designed into any system
bulletRequires only a 1 l/s sub-stream
bulletThe SSPL ON-LINE VISCOMETER is designed for use in any application where viscosity is the key property in defining plant or piping system performance and enables optimum control of your process.

The Applications

bulletTreatment of laterite gold ore
bulletControl of grinding circuits
bulletControl of tailing thickeners
bulletControl of spray driers
bulletControl of high density pump systems
bulletControl of long distance slurry pipelines
bulletControl of slurry moisture in cement manufacture

The Features

bulletContinuous reading in apparent viscosity or yield stress
bulletControl output signals for reagent dosing or other process control
bulletIntegration with existing control systems
bulletNo moving parts in slurry service
bulletSkid mounted for ease of installation

The Options

bulletViscometer feed pump and automated feed valves
bulletIntegrated chemical dosing pump
bulletAutomatic flush water control
bulletTemperature compensation
bulletStaff training

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