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On-Line Viscometer

The Development

Slurry Systems Pty Limited (SlurrySystems) ON-LINE VISCOMETER evolved from the engineering and testing of slurries for design of long distance cross country slurry pipelines.

Over 30 years experience in understanding slurry rheology, and more importantly correlating laboratory data with system and process performance, led to the development of an on-line instrument to monitor and control system performance based of slurry rheology.

Slurry rheology varies with concentration, and more importantly with ore type. On-line viscosity measurement provides a sensitive fluid property for process control, which cannot be obtained from the more usual density measurements.

The Instrument

The SSPL ON-LINE VISCOMETER uses sensing instruments of proven service in the mineral processing industry.

The SSPL ON-LINE VISCOMETER is a fully automated ON-LINE viscosity measuring instrument for the mining and process industries, which can be integrated with an existing automatic control system, or provided as a stand alone unit for measurement and control of slurry viscosity.

The SSPL ON-LINE VISCOMETER is custom designed for the slurry being processed. It is designed for granular slurries, but can be used on most fluids, including petroleum products. A programmable logic controller conditions the primary signal and converts it into a meaningful apparent viscosity or yield stress signal for local or remote display. The programmable logic controller manages the instrument operation including start/stop and alarm sequences and integrates with existing control equipment to provide a complete viscosity control system.

The ON-LINE VISCOMETER is particularly suited for:

bulletControlling processes at constant rheology and hence, optimum concentration; and,
bulletControlling chemical addition for dispersing laterite ore slurries.

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On-Line Viscometer

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