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Technical Services

SlurrySystems offers the following technical services to develop and engineer slurry and other pipeline systems.

Feasibility Studies

Evaluations of the technical and/or economic feasibility of specific projects are made using in-house experience and technology.


SlurrySystems laboratory is fully equipped to characterise slurry properties for system design and equipment specification. SlurrySystems has the equipment and procedures to perform bench scale tests to provide basic design date for engineering of slurry pipeline systems.

Conceptual Design

Development of system design using SlurrySystems computerised hydraulics models and optimisation techniques results in the most economic selection of basic pipe size and pumping requirements for each specific application. The conceptual design in incorporated in a design manual, which specifies system parameters, process design, key equipment and system operation and maintenance philosophy.

Detailed Engineering

SlurrySystems performs the detailed engineering to ensure that the basic system concepts are carried through to the completed project, including operation and control philosophy.


Preparation of operating and maintenance manuals, commissioning program, operator training, and system start-up by SlurrySystems results in as-designed system performance.

Technical Support

Technical support of system operations is available for internal corrosion control, operation reviews, system optimisation and problem solving.

Slurry Instrumentation

SlurrySystems offers an on-line Viscometer to continuously measure slurry rheology for process control. This rugged industrial instrument has proven performance and reliability.


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