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Transportable Barge

SlurrySystems maintain a road transportable barge that operates with a Sand Shifter unit to perform dredging and beach nourishment in addition operating as a work platform during installation of Sand Shifter units and their supporting pipelines.

Utilising the unique Submarine Sand Shifter, a number of these options can be made available for individual projects. These options range from the design of sub-sea pipelines, to the provision of conventional dredging services and/or equipment to a fully automated fixed or mobile sand recovery system that would transfer sand from one area to a selected location along a beach. Similarly, the Submarine Sand Shifter could be used in a parallel shore trap configuration on the down drift end of a beach to recycle sand received from littoral movement and return the sand to renourish the updrift end of the beach.

SlurrySystems can provide conventional dredging services, or temporarily mount SlurrySystems equipment on a flat deck dumb barge for dredging operations.

The Sand Shifter can be utilised as a fixed recovery system for:

bulletSands Bypassing of Ocean Entrances
bulletRecirculation of Beach Sand
bulletBeach Nourishment

The Sand Shifter can also be utilised as a mobile unit for sands recovery for ocean dredging, beach nourishment and sub-sea mining.

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slurry barge
Slurry Barge




lakes entrance beach discharge
Beach Discharge




pipelines lakes entrance
Lakes Entrance Pipelaying

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