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On-Line Viscometer Technical Data

Plant and Process Requirements

Sample Inlet/Outlet

Process Pressure

Slurry Temperature

Cabinet Temperature

Sample Flow Rate

Particle Size

Rheology Range

Apparent Viscosity at 70 s -1

Yield Stress

Apparent Shear Rate



Rheology Display

Customer Interface


Power Supply

Compressed Air Supply

Typically 40mm Table E Flange


<50 Deg C.*

<45 Deg C.*


6mm topsize


45 – 1500 mPas*

0.4 – 70 Pa

70 reciprocal seconds


Newtonian Fluids 2% Slurries,minimum 5%

Apparent Viscosity of Yield Stress

Either stand alone panel or interface with customer control system. 4-20mA Analogue and digital signals.

240 V 50 Hz

700 kPa max, 0.5 l/s*

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Length Width Height


1250mm* 1000mm* 2150mm

Approximately 300 kg

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 Materials and Standards

Measuring Tube



Pressure Ratings

Process Fluid Supply

316 Stainless Steel

Fabricated Steel – Galvanised

Powder Coated Steel IP55 (min)

ANSI# 150 Standard

Dedicated Centrifugal pump with automated valves recommended or side stream from process line*.

*denotes alternatives are available

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Export Availability

SlurrySystems ON-LINE VISCOMETER is available for export. The instrument requires little servicing with the original prototype in continual service for eight years before close of mine, saving 67% of dispersant addition, representing a saving of $US1.5 million per annum.

All spares are readily available from most overseas destinations through local distributors.

SlurrySystems provides the instrument with a 12 month warranty on national orders and international orders by negotiation.

The instrument is backed by a company of 20 years operation and is provided with detailed operating and maintenance manuals. Staff training and service upgrades can be provided.

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